About Oil Painting Classes

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About Oil Painting Classes

My art classes are geared to provide art instruction to adults seeking to continue their art education outside a structured classroom.

Classes are on-going, year round .

Monday evening / Woodlands Art League / 6-8:30 pm

Tuesday afternoon / Conroe Art League / 1-3:30 pm

Wednesday morning / Jerry's Artarama / 10-12:30 pm

Thursday morning / Woodlands Art League / 10-12:30 pm

Private Art Classes available upon request


Students will find the on-going, year round class schedule very convenient and appealing to their busy life-styles. Each student works at his/her own pace in a creative and pleasant atmosphere.

Aspiring artists of every skill level are invited to join our classes. The classes are designed to help the beginning as well as the advanced student achieve their artistic goals. 


The students will learn the tools and materials of oil painting. New students will be painting a new painting at the first session. You will copy master paintings as a pathway to creating your own style of painting. For the continuing students, this semester you will be given a Michelangelo painting to replicate. 

-How to use a grid to quickly layout the painting.
-How to select the right palette.
-How to select and mix colors.
-How to select the right paint brushes
-How to apply color theory and use the color wheel.
-How to pick the right canvas and how to coat a canvas
-How to varnish a painting
-How to paint in Grisaille

These are only a few of the tips I will teach you to create successful paintings and, more importantly, have an enjoyable painting experience.